Additional forms of promotion

Feel free to use additional forms of promotion, which will strengthen presence of your company at the trade show.


  • Circulation: 12 000 (10 000 in the advertising industry, 2 000 in customers)
  • Distribution: Trade Fair edition – distribution at the RemaDays Warsaw trade fair
  • Price list:
    1 box ad – 390 PLN net/95 EUR
    2 box ad – 780 PLN net/190 EUR
    3 box ads – 1170 PLN net, 1090 PLN net/280 EUR, 260 EUR
    4 box ad – 1560 PLN net, 1390 PLN net/370 EUR, 335 EUR
    5 box ad – 1950 PLN net, 1700 PLN net/460 EUR, 405 EUR
    6 box ads – 2340 PLN net, 2000 PLN net/560 EUR, 475 EUR
    Cover (1 box) – 2290 PLN net/ 540 EUR
    Cover (full) – 5000 PLN net/1180 EUR
    Box only in web version – 250 PLN net, 190 PLN net/60 EUR, 45 EUR


Adbox products catalog is a comprehensive guide to the firms in the advertising and printing industry. It is your chance to show your products and to find inspiration if you are looking for the latest trends. The catalog is released 3 times a year. If you want to present your offer and products to the whole industry, this is the best offer for you.

Click to see the fifth edition of Adbox – advertising inspirations (February 2019)


  • Circulation: 12 000 copies
  • Distribution: to all visitors of the RemaDays
  • Company presentation


  • full page advertisement A4 – 1900 PLN
  • half page advertisement – 1200 PLN
  • 1/6 page advertisement – 390 PLN

The characteristic feature of the Book is that it combines advantages of press advertising with a handy database. A proposed division into product categories works well as a source of precious information.

The Advertiser provides practical information which allow for a quick contact. All companies also publish information on products and brands distributed by them. Accurate search engine enables finding adequate companies.

Click here to see the online catalogue.


  • Circulation: 5000 copies
  • Distribution: January 2019, sent out to companies operating in promotional products industry and industrial consumers
  • Pricelist: Download

Gifts Journal Polska is the only magazine in Polish market which is fully dedicated to promotional products. We have participated in the most important trade event in Poland and abroad since 2000.

The magazine is delivered to two selected groups of readers: advertising agencies and directors do marketing and purchase departments of large companies present in the Polish market.

Click here to see online magazine.


Do you want to make your product stand out at the fair in an original way?
Present your offer during a unique Gifts&Textile Show at RemaDays Warsaw 2019. Professional models will exhibit your product on a special catwalk to the rhythm of music, giving it an unusual setting.

Detailed information about the Gifts&Textile Show service:
– 1 run – 3-4 minutes – max. 8 runs per show block
– location – hall E – RelaxZone (350 m2)
– show block starting at 11:00 am or 1:00 pm on each trade fair day
– presentation of products by two people – 2 silhouettes at the exhibitor’s disposal (products, model’s clothing)
– the presenter conducting the show – presents content about the company or product
– presentation of the company – on screens

Detailed elements of the Gifts&Textile Show such as: advertising materials, provision of products for promotion, run scenario to be agreed with the company running the show.

Price – 800 PLN net/run


  • hostesses directly reach all trade fair visitors in all exhibition halls
  • Pricelist: 2000 PLN (per one person)

Main advantage? Reaching all visitors, convenient, more and more popular form of promotion.

To the Exhibitors who decide to hire hostesses for additional promotion during the trade fair we recommend the Agency cooperating with the RemaDays

For customers and partners of the RemaDays – with the RemaDays codeword you will receive 10% discount on the Agency’s services.

Send an e-mail for the offer:


  • circulation: 16 000 copies
  • distribution: to all visitors of the RemaDays at registration desks

When you are unable to be present at the RemaDays, you value convenience and high level of service and you want to reach all the RemaDays visitors, this offer is meant for you. Send us your product regardless of its shape but up to 150g.


There are over dozen of flagpoles at your disposal located at the entrance to the fairgrounds. Present your company on one of them and let everybody see you on the very moment of entering the show.

Contact us for details of the offer

Exhibitors, who will decide on the implementation of the flag during the fair, we recommend the MMG company Flags that works with trade fair –


Phone app*

The phone scanner is an intuitive tool which gives you the following advantages:

  • readily available database with the ability to export it in the Excel format
  • evaluation of a customer’s potential means individual approach to everyone who is interested in the offer
  • the option to add a note thanks to which you will not forget the details of the conversation
  • editing of all corporate data at any time
  • the database is also saved in the exhibitor’s panel thanks to which there is no danger of data loss
  • easy contact database sorting and searching

*the offer does not include a phone

Handheld scanner

  • a fast device which saves the scanned codes in its memory
  • you will receive the complete database with contact details within 3 business days of the end of the trade fair

Contact us for details of the offer


You have a knowledge, interesting idea, do you want to share your experience or show the possibilities of your products to a wider audience?

Order the talk at the RemaDays fair.

The fully equipped, comfortable conference rooms will be able to quickly reach many listeners. Prepare the subject for 45 minutes and we will deal with the rest.

Contact us for details of the offer