Declaration of the organizer of the RemaDays Warsaw 2021 trade fair

Dear Visitors and Exhibitors of the RemaDays Warsaw Trade Fair!

We observe and monitor the epidemic situation that takes place in the country and Europe with great attention. We can see that every day brings additional growth of COVID-19 infections, and the introduced restrictions have not yet brought the expected results. We see and we are aware that planning business activities in the current situation is difficult to estimate.

We would like to inform you that there is still 3.5 months left until RemaDays. This is a very long time, therefore we strongly believe that the current difficulties and limitations, aimed at improving the situation, are temporary and in February there will be a possibility of a safe event. That is why we are preparing to organize the fair with full commitment and with the utmost care.

It is worth mentioning that as a responsible organizer we treat the topic of security as a priority, applying the highest standards in terms of ensuring it. We are in contact with the relevant institutions at all times and introduce all necessary recommendations so that all Visitors can feel safe. Currently, participation in the fair has already been confirmed by 225 exhibitors, and this number is growing steadily. We also receive inquiries about stands, so there are grounds to count on the fact that, as every year, the event will bring business results for all its participants.

Let us patiently observe the situation on the market, hoping for positive solutions in the nearest future. We will keep you informed about further preparations for the fair, as well as progress.

Best regards,

The RemaDays Team