Trade Fair sectors

Gifts World

Gifts World features the biggest range of manufacturers, importers and distributors of promotional merchandise – pens, mugs, keychains, sets, leather goods, games, sports gadgets, office gadgets, kitchen gadgets, premium gadgets, etc.

POS & Display

POS & Display is a perfect segment for POS, POP & Display suppliers who offer shelving systems, totems, walls, showcases, stands, reception desks, promotion counters, roll-ups, etc.

Technology Park

Technology Park is a segment for tagging machines, embroiderers, printing machines, plotters, UV machines, lasers, milling machines, panel manufacturers, components for advertising production (plastic, glass, metal, etc).

Printing House

This segment is open for specialists in printing services – offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, pad printing, embroidery, thermal printing, large-format printing, tagging, print refinements: engraving, stamping, coating, etc.

Packaging Materials

Packaging Materials is open for firms in packaging solutions: die cut packages, flap boxes, laminated packaging, cardboard packaging, cans, decorative and self-adhesive elements, etc.

Photo Creation

PHOTO is a segment for solutions in image advertising, commercial video production, commercial photography, image banks.

Lighting Systems

Lighting Systems is a segment at suppliers in indoor and outdoor lighting advertising and visual identity: LED lights, neon lights, lightboxes, etc.

Event Show

This segment is open for solutions in the event and party planning, event furniture, tents, seats, stands for various events.

IT & e-Solutions

This segment is open for firms in IT solutions for advertising, design, mobile apps, virtual reality, CRM systems, new technologies.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is a segment for suppliers in outdoor advertising: mobile outdoor advertising, billboards, banners, signs, panels, aerial advertising, digital signage, car wrapping, flags, etc.

Textile Zone

The Textile Zone is a perfect place for companies specializing in modern solutions in the clothing industry. In this sector of the trade fair you will find the suppliers of advertising clothes, workwear, sportswear, protective clothing, fitness clothing, medical clothing, marking machines (screen printing machines, embroidery machines, etc.), woven fabrics and knitted fabrics, household and utility textiles, additional textile elements and accessories, services, etc.